These rules and regulations are designed to protect the animals, vegetation and condition onsite for the benefit of all.  Anglers blatantly disregarding the rules will be asked to leave.


  1. Fishing to take place from marked pegs only – not banks.
  2. One rod only. No rod to be left unattended.
  3. Barbless hooks only – NO lead weights. No keep nets.
  4. Bait – all baits are acceptable, other than boilies. Ground bait allowed in moderation.
  5. Only nets provided to be used on site. No other nets to be brought onto site.
  6. Fishing to take place between sunrise and sunset. If you need a torch you should have left.
  7. No fishing to take place without the availability of a landing net to hand.
  8. Fishing equipment is NOT to be laid on reeds and rushes.
  9. All litter to be removed after fishing, including cigarette ends. No litter to be deposited in water.
  10. Large fish to be handled with wet cloth and to be returned to water as quickly as possible.
  11. Fish to be returned to water carefully, i.e. not thrown. No fish to be laid on concrete pegs.
  12. No defecating on site. Clean toilets to be found outside Tetney village hall.
  13. Fruit and flowers on the site are for the enjoyment of the proprietor.
  14. Private bailiffs, identifiable by their ID cards, have the right to inspect equipment (especially hooks) on site.
  15. Do not enter perimeter hedging.
  16. Please avoid standing on peg protection stones.   Stones around pegs are not to be removed.